15 February, 2012

The Foreign languages Week in Dnipropetrovsk school # 22

The Head of Dnipropetrovsk information and resource center "Window on America" Svitlana Usenko paid a visit to school #22. Our long time partner, the English language teacher Valentina Shvydka invited her to take part in the Foreign Languages Week.
The WOA Head S. Usenko attended 4 lessons for the students of various ages (approx. 100 students, 2-7 grades). 
She informed the students and their teachers about the funds and resources of the Oblast Scientific Library named after the Slavicalphabet founders Cyril and Methodius.
All the participants of the event were acquainted with the "Window on America" Center. The Center will be useful to all English language learners.
The following interactive presentations with vocabulary tasks were offered to the attention of the students:
·        Walt Disney cartoon.
The presentations were enjoyed by all the students.
Number of participants – 115. (teachers of English – 6, pupils – 107, librarian –1).

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  1. Світлана, ви так активно "пішли в народ", молодчинка. Вашому ентузіазму - Браво!
    Юлія Козак