06 June, 2015

World Environment Day

Today’s session of the Gabfest Club at the "Window on America" Dnipropetrovsk / Ukraine was dedicated to the World Environment Day.
The 2015 theme for World Environment Day (WED) is Sustainable consumption and production. The slogan for the theme is 'Seven Billion Dreams; One Planet; Consume with Care'. We have discussed the WED posters than recommended the following actions to keep the planet clean and safe:
-Eat vegetarian at least once a week
-Fly with an e-ticket
-Dine in! instead of fast food places with plastic utensils
-Fix leaky pipes
-Recycle old electronic devices
-Rethink bottled water
-Change your light.

The second part of the session was dedicated to a Success story. The Club’s loyal member Yulia shared her story of finding employment abroad and her experience of living and working in another culture. All the club members were grateful for the shared experience and became motivated to improve their spoken English.

Number of participants – 21 persons.

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