04 May, 2015

VE Day – the 70th Anniversary

To commemorate the victory over the German Nazis in Europe  anniversary the Window on America center in Dnipropetrovsk presented a new book and image display “VE Day – the 70th Anniversary”. It  displays the books and videos from the WOA’s collection that deal with the events of World War II and the Cold War.
US soldiers took part in WW II, American historians researched the wars’ events  and published their findings in books, American libraries store the information and provide researchers with materials.
The films about the events of World War II include such movies as "Schindler's List" (director Steven Spielberg), "The Pianist" (Roman Polanski), "The boy in the striped pajamas " (Mark Herman), "Good German" (Steven Soderbergh).

 The displayed  films tell about the tragic events, ruined human lives, they urge  to honor the dead, to appreciate peace  and to do  everything possible to prevent  the horrors of war.
The display will  provide the WOA’s patrons with important information and will touch  their emotions.

Have a look at more pictures, please

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