16 May, 2015

Mother’s Day

Today’s session of the Gabfest Club in Window on America Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine) was dedicated to the introduction of important dates: Mother’s Day (May, 10) and the International Day of Families (15 May). The session was visited by our friend - the Fulbright exchange lecturer Brian Chung (Dnipropetrovsk Mining University).
At the beginning of the session the group was offered a video about the history of the holiday in the USA. The club members discussed the controversy of this holiday for its founder A. Jarvis. The American song about mother’s love was also offered for auditing.  The group defined mother’s qualities those are valued in the USA.

The presence of the American guest allowed the moderator to offer a challenging activity to the group - they had to introduce the iconic Ukrainian songs about mother’s love. The task was difficult. Besides the song’s plot the group had to explain the symbolism of objects mentioned in the song.
Certain family traditions in USA and in Ukraine were compared to observe the Day of Families.
At the end of the session the newcomers had a chance to introduce themselves and to ask questions to the American guest.
Number of participants – 19 persons.
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