07 February, 2015

TOEFL test and tongue twisters

The "Window on America" center hosted American Teen Club members, Dnipropetrovsk teenagers, who are willing to improve their English language, get to know about the United States and have a good time!
The meeting was lead by the FLEX alumni Darya Gerasymova'13 and Hanna  Akastelova’13.
American Teen Club meeting was dedicated to the development of listening and writing skills. Darya has prepared listening task taken from TOEFL test, clubbers tried to understand American speech and answer he questions. Also, participants were challenged with tongue twisters: everyone had fun, trying to say them as fast as possible. At the end, Hanna showed motivational videos, that show how wounderful our world is.
Everyone was engaged and practiced their speaking skills!
Number of participants – 8 persons.
Have a look at more pictures, please

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