10 April, 2012

The Week of the Foreign Languages

The WOA Dnipropetrovsk Head Svitlana Usenko was invited to visit the local school # 7 by the English language teacher Olga Pakhomova.
This school provides to the students a more profound study of the English language. For the school’s event “The Week of the Foreign Languages” S. Usenko   delivered 4 lessons for the pupils of different age groups (approx. 200 persons, 7th- 10th grades). She presented to the teachers and students the resources of the Oblast Scientific Library. The audience was acquainted with the information center “Window on America”, its resources that help to study the English language and the recently donated gadgets iPad and Kindle. 

Several slide shows about the USA were presented to the students and teachers.
Number of participants – 209 (students – 204, teachers –5).

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