20 July, 2013

World Population Day

Today’s session of the Gabfest Club started with a small talk about the celebration very important to our city and region. Professional holiday of the Metallurgy and Mining Industry workers is very popular in our city and region as thousands of people are employed in these two industries. We have discussed in English the publication in the local newspaper about the numerous corporations and educational institutions that represent Metallurgy and Mining in
Dnipropetrovsk oblast. A traditional event in the city on Metallurgists’ Day is a free open air concert with popular Ukrainian or Russian headliners.
The photo display about “Work and Travel USA” summer student exchange program was presented to the club members. They had to guess what opportunities for work were given to the program participant and where. The beautiful photos of the Great Falls on the Missouri river impressed everyone. The photos allowed enriching the vocabulary with new words and expressions.
The official topic of the session was World Population Day. The focus of the discussion was on the modern trends in migration of the population. 

We were lucky to have surprise visitors - a Ukrainian family whose members migrated to Canada and Israel. Our guests told us about their experience as migrants. The Club members answered questions on push and pull factors of global migration. It turned out that the majority of the Club members are patriots of Ukraine and do not plan to immigrate.
The session was educational and enjoyable.
Number of participants- 15
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