23 June, 2012

Peace Corp. friends

Today’s session at Window on America center Dnipropetrovsk was was planned as a free topic session. It turned out to be a success as we had  a group of foreign visitors.
Our Peace Corp. friend Patrick  has introduced his colleague Chris who works in Poltava oblast. The Club members had the opportunity to introduce themselves to the foreign guests and to ask them questions.
Chris was asked about his life and activities in the Ukrainian province.
Patrick was asked about his trips to Donetsk during the Football championship and his impressions of the event.
Another pleasant surprise was a visit from our Australian friends Irina and Eric Kneller. They have told us about their trips since our last meeting. Mr.Kneller initiated a conversation about the places of interest in Ukraine. Each club member was asked to recommend a tourist attraction for a foreigner in Ukraine.
The most interesting recommendations included:
-        To visit a workplace of an average Ukrainian
-        To visit  Khortiza island in Zaporozhje – the capital of Kossaks
-        To visit wine and cognac  factories in Odessa and Crimean Riviera.
The new comers today had a wonderful opportunity to listen to different variants of the English language – American and Australian.
The number of participants – 23 persons.
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  1. A small kin of foreigners! cool. Well done, Svitlana.