26 February, 2011

George Washington & Washington D.C.

English Speaking Club.
It was a Virtual trip dedicated to George Washington & Washington D.C.
The English Language lecturer Tamara Gavriluk prepared and showed a slide-show, which told the club-members about the American leisure: American dishes. We have learnt a large number of different interesting things.

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21 February, 2011

English lesson for students

The students of National Metallurgical academy with their English teacher Alexandra Myrgorodska visited WOA Center Dnepropetrovsk to improve their English.

Number of participants – 10.


19 February, 2011

The Museum tour in English

Exciting visit to the Local Museum was the highlight of the "History in your life" discussion.
The Museum tour was made in English.

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14 February, 2011

English lesson for students

The students of National Metallurgical academy with their English teacher Alexandra Myrgorodska visited WOA Center Dnepropetrovsk to improve their English. They were lucky that day, because the American Josef visited the center as well. He joined the lesson and helped the participants to understand the topic better. The students were happy to discuss some topics with Josef in English.
 Number of participants – 7.

12 February, 2011

English Speaking club - South of the USA

Our guest was Peace Corps Volunteer American Andrew Shell, who works as an English teacher in Pavlograd, but visits our center on a regular basis. He prepared an illustrated story about the South of the USA including his own State Georgia. The club-members found out many interesting facts about the State’s geographical position , nature peculiarities , historical events connected with slavery elimination, wonderful mountains Appalachians and the river Mississippi.
Andrew Shell told about his University, about his favorite corners of Atlanta, architectural masterpieces, which create the modern history of the state, about the game of millions – baseball, about the favorite dishes of the citizens of the South USA and the East Coast.
The club-members asked a lot of questions, which Andrew answered easily. That was an exciting virtual trip! We got new knowledge and fell in love with Georgia.
The second part of the meeting was a free topic discussion.
Our guest from Egypt Solo told  us about the revolutionary events which were happening in his country. The members of WOA shared  their opinions. Every member showed  tolerance to  the events discussed.

 Number of participants - 26. (specialists - 15, students - 8, pensioners – 1, pupils - 1, Librarian -1).
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09 February, 2011

Foreign languages Week in Dnipropetrovsk school # 22

February 9-10th –The  Head of Dnipropetrovsk information and resource center "Window on America" Svetlana Usenko accepted the invitation of the English teacher Valentina Shvydka and took part in the Foreign Languages Week, held at school number 22  with in-depth study of English.
During the meeting about 200 students (2-10 grades) and their teachers learned about the funds and resources of the Oblast  Scientific Library named after the  Slavic alphabet founders Cyril and Methodius.
All the participants of the event were  in  detail  acquainted with the "Window on America" Center . The Center  will be useful to all English language learners.
The following information slide-show were offered to the attention of the students:
“The history and present of  the “Window on America” information center”;
“ USA  state symbols “;
“Bill Gates and his philanthropy”;
“ Walt Disney characters”;
“The Life and Books  of American writer Jack London”;
“Thanksgiving Day Celebration”;
“Saint Valentine's Day Celebration”;
Animated  cartoons were demonstrated to younger students.
All the presentations were  enjoyed by the students.

Number of participants – 208. (Teachers of English - 9, pupils - 198, librarian -1).

05 February, 2011

English Speaking club - Black History Month

On February 5 at the Dnipropetrovsk information and resource center Window on America there was the meeting of people who would like to improve their knowledge of English and learn more about the United States of America. 
A volunteer of the Center Nataly Karmaz a student of National Metallurgical Academy has prepared the material for this meeting. She has drawn attention of members to the book exhibition Black History Month and acquainted them with interesting information about the Civil rights era for Afro-American population. 
The members of English speaking club have learned more about the leaders of this movement Martin Luther King and Dr. Carter G. Woodson. At first, we have discussed the history and reasons of foundation the tradition of celebrating Black History Month. During our meeting, we have answered such questions as the problem of discrimination of Afro-Americans nowadays and the issue of racial harmony. Owing to our guest from California Joseph Battilega, we had a possibility to compare the racial situation in the USA and Ukraine

Contemporary American culture honors not only historical figures. American calendar has many unusual holidays. In the second part of the meeting, we have discussed the tradition of Groundhog Day and Random Acts of Kindness Day.  We used Internet resources of our Center and reviewed some interesting videos about these holidays from YouTube.

The Speaker of this meeting Nataly Karmaz was successfully monitoring the discussion, she had prepared the questions that made people thinking about their actions. We were talking about the kind actions and charity in Ukraine. By the end of our meeting, we had made a conclusion that we should make good actions to each other not only 1 day annually but also every day of our life.
The third part of our 3-hour meeting - was free communication.

Number of participants - 25. (Teachers of English - 1, specialists - 14 students - 5, pensioners – 2, pupils - 2, Librarian -1).

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