30 September, 2010

Open access day!

Slide show about WOA Center
About 80 visitors were in the Window on America center that day. New resources (Rosetta Stone and audio books) were represented.
This day two groups of Jurisprudence college students visited the Center.
Svitlana Usenko talked about the WOA center.
Visitors saw a slide show about the WOA Center results of work. The Center took the 5th place among  29 centers in Ukraine.
Meeting with Rosetta Stone
Visitors acquainted with Rosetta Stone program.
Students said that new resources – Rosetta Stone and audio books - were very interesting and useful for improving English.

In the afternoon  Dnipropetrovsk Genealogical society visited the Center to know more about our resources.
Mykola Chaban talked about a great composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovskiy’s visit to the USA.
Leaders of Dnipropetrovsk Genealogical society gave a small present to the Center.

25 September, 2010

English Speaking club - American Music

The topic of the meeting was American Music
The members of the meeting shared what styles of music they prefer. America is the motherland of jazz. Somebody said that they didn’t like the modern American pop- and rock-music, but the other liked these styles.The members of the club had an opportunity to listen to American songs of different styles. They have never heard some styles of music.
The idea of creating the anthem of our WOA Center was appeared. The club-members promised to think over that.

19 September, 2010

The Workshop for Window on America Center Coordinators

September 19-23, 2010.
The Head of the Center Svitlana Usenko took part in the annual workshop.

See bellow brief report about the workshop by Hanna P. Voskresenska, Coordinator, American Library Kyiv: 

The training took place in Gurzuf, Crimea. The workshop brought together Center coordinators from all around Ukraine. Currently WOA Center network amounts 29 participants.
It was a wonderful and very rewarding experience. Four days of programmingon issues such as basics of copyright law for libraries, in particular, multimedia tools use; reviewing and ranking the Centers’ web sites; practical use of e-books on the basis of subscribed e-resources; EBSCOhost new features and tips to use it effectively; new forms of applying and reporting for grants, - expanded attendees’ knowledge and awareness, and encouraged sharing of ideas, experiences, and expertise. It was also very helpful and exciting to have a session of group exercise “From action planning – to results”.  Dividing into groups of 3, participants compiled a program scenario and its highlight and presented it to the colleagues.
My award is audio book
WOA Centers’ presentation sessions provided AL coordinator with a good insight into the wealth of programming ideas, in particular for kids. A friendly, inviting, collegiate workshop environment that fostered exchange of ideas and experience for effective learning should be especially noted. We want to extend our sincere gratitude to the workshop sponsors –  PAS, US Embassy Kyiv, and organizers-IRC US Embassy staff and Informatio-Consortia staff, to everyone who designed and make happen this enlightening and helpful workshop.
Look more pictures here  

18 September, 2010

English Speaking club - American Press

The topic of the meeting was American Press
The Center has some American newspapers like US Today. The "US Today" has a circulation of 1,2 million. It was meant to be the only truly national newspaper.
The club-members discussed such questions as:
What are the two kinds of daily newspapers in the U SA?
What are the most important quality papers in the USA?
In what sense is it correct to say that there is no national press ire the USA?
How many languages are the USA newspapers published in?
What are the best news services in the country?
New members of the discussion club got some materials about life and activity of WOA Center.

11 September, 2010

English Speaking club - "September 11 Attacks and War on Terrorism"

September 11, 2001 is the most tragic hour in the history of the United States, this terror kamikaze attack was called a second Pearl Harbour.
The topic of the meeting was «September 11 Attacks and War on Terrorism».
Paper show: «September 11 Attacks» acquainted the members of WOA with the act of terror in US. The club members were offered to watch a video dedicated to that horrible day in the history of the USA.
Video here 
American Joseph Battilega was asked a question to the Ukrainians about that act of terror, he told what he was doing when it happened and his first feelings about that. He admitted that it was a huge grief for all Americans. The topics such as terrorism and its motives were discussed. Some club-members tried to make up some possible actions to prevent world terrorism. 
The club members made a minute of silence as a sign of memory of 11/9 victims. 
There were 31 club-members at the meeting - students, teachers of English, the guest from Turkey Gulsah, a participant of the organization AEISEC, an American Joseph Battilega. 
a minute of silence
After discussion

09 September, 2010

A Paper show “Day of terror”

A Paper show “Day of terror” presented in Window on America Dnipropetrovsk.

04 September, 2010

English Speaking club

The meeting was dedicated to American holiday Labor Day (September 6, 2010).
Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.
The club-members listened to the audio-record  Labor Day from the CD American Holiday.
(Klebanow, Barbara. American Holidays / Barbara Klebanow. - Brattleboro, Vermont : Prolingua Associates, 2005. - 174 p. + CD).
Our guest Joseph Battilega agreed that Americans celebrate this holiday, but nowdays it’s not so popular.

Ukrainians told him about Ukrainian holiday of May 1st – the day of peace and labor.
The members of discussion club discussed such questions:
-        Connection between education and job, which you’ll find after graduation from University;
-        Discriminations and methods of struggle against it.

Joseph Battilega presented 17 books to WOA because he sawed that Ukrainians like to read very much.

02 September, 2010

A book display “Study history!”

A book display “Study history!” presented in Window on America Dnipropetrovsk.