28 February, 2010

The article about Window on America Center

The article about Window on America Center was published in the regional youth newspaper.
Chedleyeva, Karina. America! Oh. How far are you… And maybe… no? // Hochy v proryv: The region youth newspaper for those who want to use brains! – 210. – # 44. – February, 28. – page 7.

27 February, 2010

You’ve seen the movie… Now read the book

Book display "You’ve seen the movie… Now read the book"

English Speaking club

The Center was visited by new guests a volunteer from Peace Corp Seth Parkhurst (Texas) and a participant of the program AIESEC Robson Calvalho (Brazil). The club-members asked a lot of questions to the guests and they answered them with pleasure.
A volunteer of the Peace Corp Seth Parkhurst gives some trainings of basketball and volleyball to the pupils in Ukraine, and tells them about HIV and AIDS. He told about his life in America and his experience which he got in Ukraine.
Also everybody listened to the story of Robson Calvalho about his country, capoeira. During the meeting the English self-studying program Rosetta Stone was presented to everybody. And club-members watched a new exhibit You’ve seen the movie… Now read the book (the books and the movies).

25 February, 2010


The center was visited by librarians from district libraries of our region who took part in the seminar in Dnipropetrovsk science region library. Also students of National Metallurgical academy with their teacher Alexandra Myrgorodskaya visited WOA. 
The head of WOA Svitlana Usenko told the history of foundation Center, aims and its achievements. There were two book display New Arrivals and President’s day, so the visitors watched them. Also the head of the Center showed the resources of WOA (audio records, ВМВ-movie, Rosetta Stone – program for self-study foreingn languages) – everything that can help in studying English. 

20 February, 2010

English speaking club dedicated to the Presidents Day

The Center was decorated with books exhibit and exhibition of posters dedicated to Abraham Lincoln.
The participants exchanged  their views on the institute of presidency, compared the situation in the U.S. and Ukraine.
Who is the father of the American Constitution?
Who of American presidents was elected four times?
Do you like the American political system?
Who is your favorite political figure in the U.S.?  
What qualities make a politician a good political leader?
Do you think it is right to elect the president for more than two terms? Who was (or is) the best U.S. president and why?
Would you like to be a president? What would you change in your country then?
Olya Ignatjuk prepared the elections of the President of the club. She defined criteria for choosing the "wise" president. The first lady was chosen by the president, from those girls who created the best flag for future state.

16 February, 2010


The students of the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine together with the teacher Alexandra Myrgorodskaya visited the center. They reviewed the exhibit of movies about love and a slide-show dedicated to the Valentine's Day.

13 February, 2010

English speaking club

English speaking club dedicated to Valentine’s Day.
The meeting was prepared and held by Svitlana Usenko, Svitlana Kolesnikova and students of the National Metallurgical Academy Natalka Karmaz’ and Olga Ignatiuk. All the members of the speaking club were very active, so though the meeting took 6 hours, not all materials provided by them were used.
Natalka Karmaz’ presented us with a vivid slide-show “Happy St Valentine’s Day” (“History and famous quotations about Love”)
The participants of the discussion tuned to a romantic wave and expressed their opinions on the following subjects:
A Woman is…, A Man is…, Love is…
The difference between love and infatuation.
What’s your idea of a perfect day?
Olga gave the participants a task to compose a valentine to a subject of their affection.
There was one more wonderful assignment, i.e. to think up a compliment to one’s neighbor. Everybody  told  something good about the friends from the Club.
Also they watched a short clip about how chocolate, the chief gift on Valentine’s Day is made and listened to nice and romantic  music.
It’s worth mentioning that the club members visited an exhibition of art that took place at the library. This one was dedicated to the art of batik (painting on silk fabrics) and enjoyed amazing works by the local artists.
Then there was a small tea party to relax and to chat a little bit about this and that.

06 February, 2010

English speaking club

English speaking club was prepared and held by Svitlana Usenko, Svitlana Kolesnikova and Sergey Kirichenko.

First the members watched a fragment from the movie “Julie and Julia”. This movie is the one from the exchange fund of English learning materials founded by the Club’s President Vasil Tofel.
The calendar of America’s memorable dates gave an idea about the subject to talk about that day: the 125th anniversary of the famous American writer, Nobel Prize laureate (1930), the most prominent satirist of his time, Sinclair Lewis.
So the discussion concerned mostly fiction and participants’ favorite writers.
One of the most active club-members, Sergey Kirichenko prepared riddles and games.
The use of bright-colored badges, worn by everyone present at the meeting was a big help especially for new members, making it easier for them to join the discussion.