29 April, 2010

Foreign languages Week in Dnipropetrovsk Free Development school

Svitlana Usenko took part in the Foreign languages Week in Dnipropetrovsk Free Development school.  There was a meeting with pupils of 1st-11th grades. 284 people were present at the meeting. They watched a slide-show about the history of foundation and present of Window on America informational center. Also the pupils had an opportunity to watch slide-shows about Walt Disney, American symbols, Thanksgiving, American libraries and possibility of studying in the USA.

28 April, 2010

Display «Washington & Chicago - how it was»

Display «Washington & Chicago - how it was» with materials brought from the USA by the head of the American Corner Svitlana Usenko who was the participant of the “The Open World” program.

24 April, 2010

English Speaking club - The Library of Congress

The topic if this discussion club was The Library of Congress. The meeting was prepared by Svitlana Kolesnikova. The members of the club were asked to read the text about the history and modern times of the library.
The next topic was dedicated to the Youth Day. The members of the club took part in discussion. They discussed such questions: “What kind of youth will it be in a few years?”. At the end of the meeting the participants showed their knowledge of recently learnt idioms.

17 April, 2010

English Speaking club dedicated to Earth Day

English Speaking club dedicated to Earth Day. The main question was: What do we do to make our environment cleaner? It was interesting to listen opinions of all members of the club. Thanks to the slide-show prepared by the school girl Polina Aladyina we managed to find out some facts about the week of ecology and environment protection.

14 April, 2010

Svitlana Usenko is the participant of the program Open World

Project "READ"'
The head of Dnipropetrovsk American corner “Window on America” Svitlana Usenko was the participant of the program Open World. She visited Washington and Chicago.
In April 14-24, 2010 a group of six Ukrainian librarians came to Chicago to learn about American library and educational systems.
ICEA, the hosting organization, headed by Larisa Koval, president, had designed the program in which the delegates had an opportunity to visit local libraries, schools and businesses, learn from their experiences, share their own and get inspired with new ideas.
Among Chicago libraries the group visited Northwestern University Library, Indian Trails Public Library, Schaumburg District Library, Chicago Public Library, Palatine Public Library, Harper College Library and others.
The delegates also met with Jim Schwantz, mayor of the city Palatine, and Konstantin Kudryk at the General Consulate of Ukraine in Chicago.

At the end of the 10-day program, each delegate took home a certificate of graduation, “READ” poster with their photos on it from Indian Trails Public Library District (made only for celebrities) and, of course, tones of pictures, memories and new ideas. Among those ideas was creating a section of Ukrainian language literature at some of the American libraries, which is yet to be seen.
Together with American reader
At The Library of Congress

10 April, 2010

English Speaking club dedicated to IRF

English Speaking club dedicated to The International Renaissance Foundation (IRF). It was held by the head of the center Svitlana Usenko and the President of Speaking Club Vasil Tofel.
The International Renaissance Foundation (IRF) was founded in April 1990. IRF is an integral part of the International Soros network which incorporates national and regional foundations in more than thirty countries around the world. These foundations share a common goal of supporting educational, social and legal initiatives that promote the development and establishment of an open society.
The International Renaissance Foundation finances projects and programs which foster the development of civil society, promote rule of law and independent mass media. Funds are also allocated for diversification of information resources for the third sector, democratization of education and public. health, advancing of social capital and academic publications, as well as ensuring protection of national minorities rights and their integration into Ukrainian society.
Over the period from 1990 to 2008 the International Renaissance Foundation supported numerous Ukrainian non-government organizations (NGOs), community groups, academic and cultural institutions, publishing houses etc. in the amount of over $ 100 million.

Anatoliy Rybalko
Anatoliy Rybalko:
As always, it was very interesting to meet new people at our Club`s meeting. We paid attention to George Soros charity activity and International Renaissance Foundation. In addition, we discussed the practice of charity in Ukraine.

Hellen Anufrieva:
I’ve met a lot of new people and found out their opinion about charity. It was extremely interesting to find out about George Soros charity foundation and their activity in Ukraine.

06 April, 2010

Excursion of the librarians

Excursion of the librarians of district libraries of Dnipropetrovsk region who visited the educational seminar in Dnipropetrovsk Regional Science Library. The librarians got acquainted with the resources and possibilities for learning of the English language.

03 April, 2010

English Speaking club dedicated to the American Poetry

The meeting was dedicated to the American Poetry. It was held by Svitlana Kolesnikova.
The center was visited by 3 young guests, American-mormons Gruver, Hukill, Turhblom. They declared some verses and told the members of the club about their favorite poems.
The book exhibit «April is a National Poetry Month» acquainted the visitors with the best examples of creativity of American poets.
The members of the meeting discussed the creative work of such well-known poets as Emily Dickenson, Robert Frost, Edgar Allan Poe, Langston Hughes and others
During the preparation to the meeting the materials from the site Popular Culture Universe were used

Svitlana Kolesnikova:
The meeting devoted to Poetry was merely amazing! Everybody prepared some poems of their favorite American poets and declared them. Besides we had a wonderful opportunity to communicate with Americans, they also agreed to declare some poems. Furthermore the Members of the Club found out a lot of new information about American poetry in general and appreciated the chance to learn some facts of the most significant American poets like Emily Dickenson and others.